Each e-Builder Enterprise customer has a dedicated Customer Success Manager and Account Manager working with you and reviewing your account to make sure you and your team are fully optimized and “Running on All Cylinders.”

e-Builder Enterprise clients rely on their PMIS for continuous improvement in all aspects of project delivery. Whether this means standardizing business processes, enabling effective cost controls, better schedule management, or improving collaboration. e-Builder Enterprise, like most capital programs, can and should be an evolving entity. The system is flexible will scale with each program.

In the “e-Builder Enterprise Tune-Up,” e-Builder teams will review your e-Builder Enterprise configuration and help define and prioritize a list of optimization tasks.

The following is a matrix of the different modules, along with the most common areas that clients are optimizing. For more information on the e-Builder Enterprise Tune-Up” contact your account manager or email us at accountmanagement@e-builder.net.


Areas of optimization

  • Cashflow
  • Forecasting
  • Funding
  • Account Level Cost
  • Account Level Funding
  • Project Creation Automation
  • Integration
  • Mass Upload
  • Automation
  • Resource Management
  • Planning
  • Bidding
  • BIM
Time Tracking
  • Workflow Development
System Integration
  • Finance System
  • GIS
  • Asset Management