“We started looking at cloud-based project management software packages in 2008. After deploying a product that ended up not being a good fit for our company, we approached e-Builder in mid-2015 and went live in January of 2016. As they say, the rest is history."

-Jedd, Industry: Education Management

At e-Builder, we place a high value on customer retention. We are dedicated to planning and implementing successful construction project management solutions that make a difference in your bottom line.

With over 25 years of expertise, we’ve demonstrated over and over again, that your success is our success. Our team has onboarded thousands of customers with positive experiences and interactions, generating e-Builder raving fans all across the country.

What Our Fans are Saying

Pennsylvania Department of General Services

Pennsylvania Department of General Services

Hospital Corporation of America

Hospital Corporation
of America

Northeastern University


We enjoy reading our fan mail across various platforms, and understand that each positive review represents an organization or team that has trusted us to streamline their processes, and give them the tools to create insight into their business and projects they otherwise would not have had. Each glowing review shines a light on what we’re doing right to build trust and ongoing relationships with our customers, as they build their capital projects.

With 4.3 of 5 stars on Capterra, e-Builder Enterprise easily ranks in the top 20 construction software management systems—and at 4.35 of 5 stars on Software Advice, loyal customers publish their recommendation for e-Builder Enterprise to a friend or colleague.

Every Customer is a Reference

Your reviews mean the world to us.

“We are able to archive all of our documents and speed up our processes with this software. It has really helped with our reporting to our clients and providing as-built information to them. The software is user friendly, and has a great file structure for ease of use. You can tailor the processes to fit your organization and their processes, which is fantastic. Training is easy to provide to non users.”

-John, Education Management

“User friendly system and allows you to capture information necessary for your project. Good financial reporting on projects and status of where things sit with what actor. Hold accountability with PMs, Directors, and Executive Directors. Very good auditing tool that can help score performance on internal staff and outside consultants or contractors.

Easy to build reports and dashboards. Building customized reports and workflows. Easy to use system. Allows everything to tie back to a project, including cost, budget, documents, forms, invoices, change orders, task orders, etc.”

-Giuseppe, Civil Engineering

“Carefully customized to efficiently manage all operations of construction projects. We use e-Builder to keep track of project documentation, invoicing, and reports. It also attempted to increase team communication."

-Hedaia, Construction Industry

“We started looking at cloud-based project management software packages in 2008. After deploying a product that ended up not being a good fit for our company, we approached e-Builder in mid-2015 and went live in January of 2016. As they say, the rest is history.
The system is flexible, forgiving, intuitive, configurable, and extremely robust. The system works as advertised and as expected. e-Builder is always willing to address our comments and concerns and communicates the status of known issues."

-Jedd, Education Management

“e-Builder is great for project management from start to finish. e-Builder is beneficial to companies doing project management, design management, contract management, budgeting and document storage. I like the document management and contract management functions.”

-Tiffany P., Special Projects Administrator

“A great project management package for design and construction, standardization and automation of processes, document capture and management.

Three features in particular have made my job easier. First, processes are standardized and automated. There is no longer any guesswork as to how something was done, where the paperwork is, or who is holding things up. Second, everything is documented as a byproduct of working through a process. Emails, internally generated documents, contracts, changes orders, submittals, etc. are captured and stored for easy reference. Third, no more paper. We have eliminated scores of filing cabinets, including those storing record documents from previous projects, and everything is now available digitally wherever I go.”

-David G., Campus Architect

“Good system that is constantly improving. Great system, keep up the good work. You have a good team of intelligent programmers and customer service providers. Having a road map and plan for the direction of the group is imperative and will keep the creative people focused on where the application needs to go. There are little bugs here and there in the system, or parts that do not function exactly as we want causing us to create work-arounds.

The interface is very intuitive, the modules are helpful and the functions are logical. We have had success in generating reports that executives can use to make strategic company-wide decisions as construction consumes the most capital resources available.”

-Cylix S., Construction Manager