If you’re an owner responsible for construction projects, you’re well aware of one simple fact: Every day your facilities are not complete and generating revenue is a day you’re losing money. Speed matters. Investment in a substantial project may be essential to your growth as a company, but that doesn’t mean that expensive, time-consuming delays should have to be the cost of doing business. Your shareholders certainly don’t think so.

Many owners fall back on their past experiences and assume it’s just the way things go, especially given the complexity of construction projects. Multiple contractors operating independently over geographically diverse sites; cumbersome approval workflows and outdated processes; shifting regulatory and compliance requirements; supply chain disruptions from a global pandemic — in this environment, missed deadlines are inevitable, right? It’s chaotic, but that’s the reality.

We as well as our customers, refuse to accept that, and you shouldn’t accept it, either. Chaos is standing between you and greater profits. It’s exactly that complexity and the economic urgency of these projects that demands more owner involvement and clearer oversight. It also demands a toolset designed for your specific needs and a trusted, strategic partner who sees the challenges through your eyes. At e-Builder, we draw on more than 25 years of experience working with and for owners like you to ensure you have the technology and expertise necessary to keep your jobs on time and your revenue secure.

It’s time to push back on the status quo and transform your business by transforming the way you manage construction.

Tackling the Old Assumptions Head-On

Large Construction Project

Gaining greater control over and visibility into your construction projects is essential to combat unnecessary delays, protect your investment and ensure that you hit your revenue goals. But there are many common roadblocks that can and must be challenged in an owner-driven construction paradigm.

Old problem: Lack of standardization. Large projects always involve multiple contractors and subcontractors. In most cases, each of these vendors utilizes their own operational standards, workflows and data-tracking programs. Because these individual systems don’t connect, you lose your single view of the entire project and sacrifice control. Instead, you become reliant on the contractor to keep you in the loop, which means that you can’t anticipate problems and proactively identify solutions. This challenge is only amplified over the several concurrent projects you’re probably managing.

A failure to anticipate critical problems has dire consequences. Contractor mistakes are always costly, but if these issues are severe enough, relationships can be severed, and the revenue lost to switching contractors in the middle of a project can be catastrophic. The recent missteps in a massive headquarters project by a tech giant demonstrate just how badly things can go. Lack of visibility across this major, innovative project not only delayed completion and thus sacrificed revenue, but also forced the company to part ways with two contractors in the middle of construction — a terrible, costly setback.

Lack of standardization isn’t limited to your contractors, either. Often, your own project managers are running disparate systems, and the data they produce is inconsistent, slow and rarely a good indicator of project status. If your internal data is lagging, and your contractors’ data is lagging, it’s no wonder your projects tend to lag. This can be devastating to forecasting, which in turn jeopardizes shareholder revenue.

New Solution: A Fully Integrated Single Source of Truth.

e-Builder Enterprise gives you a fully digital, automated tool that spans the full breadth of your construction project. Standardization across your contractor and project-management landscape means that you can anticipate problems and make real-time adjustments. No more delayed and inaccurate reporting, no more reacting to problems that have already happened.

Old problem: A square peg for a round hole. On a construction site, the right tool for the job is essential, and there’s no such thing as an acceptable substitute. Why should the tools for managing the job be any different? Yet the marketplace for digital solutions is full of platforms designed to suit the needs of contractors — not owners. These programs only view the project through a contractor’s lens, and their proliferation not only fails to serve your specific, holistic needs, it also contributes to decreased standardization.

That is, if you’re even using a more sophisticated tool at all. In many cases, organizations are still leaning heavily on spreadsheets, or even paper reporting and manual approvals, to manage massively complex projects. This reliance on human intervention not only increases your risk of errors, but it also means that your data isn’t actualized in a timely way, which in turn means it’s no longer relevant or accurate when it’s needed.

New solution: An Owner-Specific Toolkit

Our platform is the only one of its kind to cater exclusively to the unique challenges you face as an owner. At e-Builder, we believe that owners need greater control and visibility across the breadth of a project to ensure repeatable success in less time. Drawing on decades of experience, e-Builder has developed a solution to make your construction projects more forecastable and efficient. You don’t have to compromise or accept a toolset that was designed for contractors, not you.

construction owner toolkit

Old problem: Time (on the road) is money. Traditionally, the contractor-centric workflows of most projects leave owners waiting for information, updates and the status of critical changes. In this old way of working, the only possibility for expediting the process was for an owner to physically visit job sites.

But unlike their public sector counterparts, private companies aren’t simply managing regional projects; they are operating multiple projects over dozens of varied geographic areas around the world. Visiting each site to ensure that you have the information you need to protect your revenue may offer a more personal touch, but it’s also incredibly time intensive. If you’re struggling with non standardized data and muddling through with inadequate tools, you’re already working long hours. That’s valuable time that could be spent on more profitable activity.

New Solution: On the Job, Even if You’re Not On-Site

A single source of truth and automated processes mean that you’re omnipresent, no matter how far-flung your projects are. e-Builder Enterprise offers the immediacy of being there, even when you’re remote.

The portability of the platform will be essential for owners navigating the post-COVID world. In many cases, the pandemic has meant that you were out of the office and adjusting to remote working. This has been an enormous challenge for owners with companies that lack strong digital capabilities. With data, manual approvals and even paper reporting trapped in offices or spreadsheets, these owners have found themselves unable to drive impactful projects in on time. e-Builder Enterprise is designed for a seamless remote experience, adding speed and agility to your toolkit.

Better tools designed with intention empower owners to break down these old barriers to better construction management, helping you meet benchmarks, open facilities on schedule and begin to generate profits. But the e-Builder Enterprise advantage doesn’t stop at maximizing your leadership. We think beyond the technology to forge a true strategic partnership to help you create exponential impact and grow your business.

e-Builder a Trusted Construction Partner

A True and Trusted Partner in Your Success

Although we feel the tools to transform your approach to construction management are critical, it’s the way we work with our clients to exceed their expectations that is the true differentiator. It’s exactly that spirit of partnership that led to the development of the only owner-centric tool in the marketplace.

Over those years, we’ve managed more than one trillion dollars of projects in the e-Builder Enterprise, and we help to manage more than $80 billion exclusively in corporate-owned projects today. Our portfolio of clients is diverse, ranging from major tech, information and social media companies making substantial data center investments to major retailers looking to quickly expand their footprint.

We’ve earned the trust of our clients because, like you, we don’t just punch a clock at quitting time. We know you’re working 60-, 70-, 80-hour weeks to bring your projects in on time, and we believe in being there alongside you — and giving you some of that time back. We also know the stakes: A bad project costs revenue, but it could also cost your VP of Construction their job. That loss is compounded by the time and resources necessary to replace them.

But we don’t just want to protect investments or help meet the goals you set for the business. We want to make sure you exceed those goals. We don’t just secure your revenue by helping you deliver projects on time — we create revenue by helping you bring projects in (and begin generating profits) early.

We accomplish this in several ways. With the unique nature of our digital offering, there’s simply no other product that better caters to the needs of owners. Beyond this exclusive tool, a partnership with e-Builder also connects you with the wider Trimble ecosystem. The Trimble suite of products addresses every node on the supply chain, making each stronger and integrating them seamlessly with e-Builder. Owners benefit from this ecosystem because it lowers risk, increases transparency and efficiency, and lowers cost across the chain.

Our most transformative clients also lean on e-Builder’s innovative potential to generate additional value. Your organization thrives on innovation — new ideas, new products, better services, cutting-edge technology. Why should your approach to construction management be any different? Why would you work 30 extra hours every week just to bring jobs in past schedule? We liberate your best people to focus on the best new ideas and drive new opportunities for revenue.

But it is a partnership. As owners, it’s up to you to challenge the status quo and push back against the ineffective “way it’s always been done.” You know there’s a better way to secure revenue and increase your profits. It’s time to transform your approach to construction management — and transform your business. We’re here to help. To begin your journey toward greater profits, connect with us today.