End-to-End Program Management Information Solution

e-Builder Enterprise is a fully integrated, cloud-based SaaS solution, that manages the entire lifecycle of capital improvement programs (CIP). Each line item and detail of a project is tracked and managed from the planning phase all the way to completion, and being fully operational.

Project Lifecycle Management


1. Planning

Informed decision-making and streamlined communication.


2. Design

Design review made easy with BIM at your fingertips.


3. Procurement

Save time and costs with streamlined bidding processes.


4. Construction

Real-time data keeps projects on time and on budget.


5. Operations

Easily locate documents during facility maintenance.

e-Builder Enterprise’s fully integrated modules provides everyone involved in the CIP, a level of detail, complete transparency and visibility into each project and program, for true risk avoidance and performance movements.



With e-Builder Enterprise’s capital planning tools, easily automate the process of keeping all stakeholders in the loop on planned and approved project statuses.

Current historical and potential project planning data are maintained in one central location, so that data from past projects can be used to define contingency budgets and accurately predict the cost-to-complete, and cash flow needs to avoid unpleasant surprises.

  • Capital Planning
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Funding Allocation
  • Historical Performance
  • Risk & Exposure


Effortlessly manage the design phase of your CIP with one control location, and process submission and approvals with vendors, partners, and stakeholders.

Additionally, automatic version control for all design files provides the ability to redline and mark up drawings as needed. View CAD and BIM (Building Information Models) files from within your browser.

e-Builder Enterprise is making it even easier to access and utilize your design files right within the system

  • Schematic & Design Development
  • Design Review & Approvals
  • Constructability
  • Design Standards


Open bids and invite a predefined set of potential bidders (including public bidding), distribute bid packages and issue addenda, respond to questions and update all bidders, and compile bid responses in a standard format, in a central location.

  • Bid & RFP Management
  • Work Package Estimates
  • Bid Tabulation
  • Bid-Leveling & Awards
  • Vendor & SBE/DBE Tracing


In the construction phase of a project it is imperative to have accurate, real-time monitoring and forecasts, to avoid surprises and to reduce risk.

e-Builder Enterprise’s integrated modules eliminates data silos and allows for real-time tracking and visibility into the entire project life cycle. Any “risk” such as change order or resource management changes or shift, e-Builder Enterprise immediately confirmations how that “risk” impacts the overall project, providing transparency like no other PMIS.

In addition, reporting and Business Intelligence (BI) tools provide graphically rich dashboards to gain true insight into project performance.

  • Schedule & Resource Management
  • Cost Control & Multi-currency Project Costs
  • Construction Administration (Submittals & RFIs)
  • Change Management
  • Inspections & Payments
  • Funding Management
  • Claims Mitigation
  • Dashboards & Business Intelligence


Once the project is complete e-Builder Enterprise will serve as a central repository to store everything from as-built documents to warranty information.

Having all documentation in one place allows for team members to pull the latest final information instantaneously to keep the facility running smoothly. And, when maintenance or renovation is required, all structural documents are available.

  • As-Built Documents
  • Punch Lists
  • Commissioning
  • Warranty
  • Occupancy & Records Retention

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e-Builder Enterprise: Benefits by Role

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs)


Chief Financial Officers whose organizations leverage e-Builder Enterprise for their CIP have confidence during an audit that:

  • Set policies and procedures are in place and have been followed
  • There is early visibility to potential risk
  • There is detailed reporting to demonstrate a well-controlled CIP



Controllers whose organizations leverage e-Builder Enterprise for their CIP can demonstrate and report to the CFO and auditors that:

  • Contractors have been paid on-time with little effort; avoiding late payment fees
  • Their program is healthy through regular status reports and dashboards
  • Potential risks can be mitigated prior to having a major impact on budget and timing through visibility and insight

Vice Presidents of Design and Construction


Vice Presidents of Design & Construction whose organizations leverage e-Builder Enterprise for their CIP have confidence that:

  • There is visibility into problems before they have a large impact, freeing up contingency
  • Forecasts are accurate and there does not have to be an “ask” for more funds
  • Stakeholders are involved in the process, providing feedback and sign off on scope so there are no surprises or questions along the way
  • Project managers have the access and tools to communicate and address issues prior to them having a major impact on the project
  • Data is accurate and up to date providing confidence in decision making
  • Lessons learned are documented and easily incorporated into future projects

Directors of Facilities


Directors of Facilities whose organizations leverage e-Builder Enterprise for their CIP have confidence that:

  • They will have accurate, real-time monitoring and forecasts on all projects to avoid surprises
  • Dashboards will deliver true insight into project performance, on-demand
  • Automated workflows and business processes enforce consistency in processes and allow for faster communications and approvals
  • Change orders are kept to a minimum
  • Problems will be identified quickly, before the impact jeopardizes the project

Project Managers


Project Managers whose organizations leverage e-Builder Enterprise for their CIP have confidence that:

  • They will have the time to manage projects since paperwork and reporting has been automated
  • Everyone operates as a team and everyone is held accountable for their part
  • Any potential changes will be identified before they happen OR impact the budget
  • Contractor information is well documented to keep everyone coordinated
  • Schedules, resources and cost are aligned

Chief Engineers


Chief Engineers whose organizations leverage e-Builder Enterprise for their CIP have confidence that:

  • Coordination between agencies is painless and funds are available when projects start
  • Projects are prioritized based on reliable data, making sure no resource is wasted
  • Regulatory compliance has been met
  • There are no major project failures – avoiding negative press

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