Flexible Pricing Options to Help You Succeed

As the leader in project management solutions for capital projects, e-Builder offers multiple ways to license e-Builder Enterprise. Whether you need our unlimited Capital Program-based or our Named User-based offering, our subscription models enable you to access best-in-class construction management software designed to help you meet your goals.

Capital Program Pricing

Our Capital Program-based option is ideal for larger teams, and allows for unlimited users and unlimited storage for e-Builder Enterprise through a fixed annual subscription fee. The fee is based on your total capital improvement program (CIP) budget averaged over a three-year period: the bigger your capital program is, the less you pay per million dollars of CIP budget.

Key benefits of this license:

  • Allows for unlimited internal and external collaborators (architects, contractors, subcontractors, consultants, etc.) without additional cost
  • Enables access to e-Builder Enterprise portfolio add-on services to optimize the value of your solution
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Named User Pricing

Our Named User option is ideal for mid-sized capital projects and allows for a pre-determined number of approved users to have access to e-Builder Enterprise. This option allows you to select the number of user licenses that you need, which are assigned to specific individuals participating on your projects.

Key benefits of this license:

  • Enables smaller teams with more modest capital improvement program budgets and a limited number of design firms and contractors to access best-of-breed tools
  • Allows for an easy upgrade to capital program-based pricing as program budgets increase or more organizations get involved in the project life cycle
  • Enables access to Enterprise Portfolio Add-ons to optimize the value of your solution
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FedRAMP Authorized Government Pricing

For US Federal agencies and those organizations working on their behalf, e-Builder offers a FedRAMP Authorized government solution available through the FedRAMP Marketplace.

Key benefits of this license:

  • Complies with the enhanced security controls and compliance features required by all US Federal projects
  • Is currently the only owner-centric program management solution for construction in the marketplace
  • Is offered for both Capital Program and Named User pricing models
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Enterprise Portfolio Add-Ons

e-Builder offers a wide variety of Portfolio Add-Ons to expand the capabilities of e-Builder Enterprise and add value to your solution. These add-ons, which include AppXchange, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence, among many others, enable you to customize and enhance the solution in your organization.

Key features of add-ons:

  • Can be easily added to your subscription – our experts are available to recommend additional modules and components that will solve almost any challenge that you are facing
  • Are available for both Capital Program and Named User licenses
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Professional Services Pricing

e-Builder Official Professional Services is staffed by expert and experienced e-Builder pros with a proven track record of delivery. Working with our team eliminates the risk and uncertainty in performance and pricing, ensuring your success.

Key benefits of working with our proven team:

  • Fixed-price professional services engagements, limiting your exposure to never-ending engagements typical of time and material engagements
  • Guaranteed full satisfaction with our deliverables, without additional cost to you
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Procurement Vehicles

e-Builder offers several pricing plans that simplify the procurement process based on your type of organization:

  • Direct Procurement: For private-sector organizations,we offer direct procurement. Simply engage with an e-Builder representative and we’ll work backwards from your desired “go-live” date and help you get started
  • General Services Administration (GSA): For US Government institutions, e-Builder is contracted with the GSA and offers specialized pricing for those institutions eligible to purchase from GSA Advantage and accept the GSA terms and conditions
  • National Association of State Procurement Officers (NASPO): For US state-level institutions, e-Builder is contracted with the NASPO. Similar to GSA, government institutions eligible to purchase through NASPO and accept the NASPO terms and conditions may be eligible to procure through this contract vehicle
  • Other Contract Vehicles: e-Builder has partnered with several third-party contract vehicles, including specific Government Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC) and indefinite delivery / indefinite quantity (IDIQ) that may meet your needs.
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