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Potholes are the least of our worries on U.S. bridges and roads. Recent high-profile shutdowns and collapses have led to a flurry of initiatives: The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) now requires new bridges to be designed to last 75 years, up from 50, to address our current situation in which more than 250,000 bridges stand well past their useful life. As of July 2021, 40 states had enacted legislation, executive orders, or policies related to getting more autonomous vehicles on the roadway — lessening the load in many ways but creating new hurdles for those executing these plans.

For departments of transportation (DOTs), bridge, intelligent highway and related structural construction and infrastructure projects are already complex, high-impact and high-cost efforts. Projects vary widely and are funded by numerous stakeholders who expect transparency, accountability and visibility into how infrastructure funds are being managed. Meanwhile, the public also expects infrastructure projects to be well-managed, without delays or cost overruns.

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DOTs that have long focused on preventive maintenance now face the challenge of adapting their mindset, technology and processes to prepare for infrastructure funding and projects.

Smartly Prioritizing DOT Infrastructure Projects

The Biden administration’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, now labeled the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill (BIL) includes $110 billion earmarked for modernizing highways, roads, bridges and main streets most critically in need of repair. This may greenlight many dormant DOT infrastructure projects. But it means that DOTs must quickly and effectively prioritize and manage the many concurrent projects these funds will bring to life. With the eyes of the entire country turning toward a monumental infrastructure initiative, scrutiny on DOTs will be intensified.

Everyone from engineers to project managers can expect a heightened level of scrutiny that comes with a substantial increase in federal infrastructure funding. You’ll need to provide:

  • Proof of the efficiency and value of projects
  • Complete transparency into the stewardship of funds
  • Proof of job creation, socioeconomic impact, and sustainability success
  • Accountability for every project task, dollar, and outcome

Having the right construction project management systems and tools in place to accurately track construction costs, report on project progress, and prioritize and manage transportation projects will be critical when all eyes are on city, county and state leaders to follow through.

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e-Builder Enterprise is the Digital Project Delivery Tool for DOTs

e-Builder has more than 25 years of experience supporting and managing infrastructure capital improvement projects that affect transportation projects and programs for local governments. With capital-improvement-plan budgets potentially doubling or tripling because of the infrastructure plan, e-Builder Enterprise's highway, road, and bridge construction management software can help local governments overcome the challenges you’ll face in addressing this immediate need to scale.

The key is to get started now. Before these challenges arise, activate e-Builder Enterprise — our cloud-based solution for managing public construction projects for your road, bridge and highway plan. More than 500 organizations worldwide have used e-Builder Enterprise to manage more than $1 trillion in capital projects.

e-Builder Enterprise automates information handoffs between designers, contractors, consultants, and owners through a best-in-class workflow engine that transforms manual and paper-based processes to your own digital highway. It also offers the industry’s most flexible project financial management solution, unifying construction costs with accounting.

More than 500 organizations worldwide have used e-Builder Enterprise to manage more than $1 trillion in capital projects.

Definitive Guide to Digital Transformation for Owners of Capital Improvement Programs

The Definitive Guide to Digital Transformation for Owners of Capital Improvement Programs

Download our Definitive Guide to Digital Transformation for Owners of Capital Improvement Programs and learn why leveraging an advanced digital construction management solution like e-Builder Enterprise—which is designed for owners like you—will effectively aid in managing the funding, tracking and reporting of your infrastructure-related projects. Get your complimentary guide.

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DOTs and Local Government Testimonials and Case Studies

e-Builder Enterprise helps DOTs and local governments increase productivity, streamline processes, support more community collaboration, and deliver greater visibility and transparency. But don’t take our word for it. Hear what some of our public-sector clients have to say about our highway, road, and bridge infrastructure solutions:

Illinois Tollway uses e-Builder
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Illinois State Toll Highway Authority: On Time and On Budget

Currently, the Illinois Tollway is working on “Move Illinois” a 15-year, $14 billion capital improvement program that will increase mobility, and reduce congestion and pollution, all while bringing about 120,000 jobs. In a highway infrastructure project involving more than 1,200 firms and 500 construction and engineering contracts, e-Builder Enterprise is helping the team deliver on time and on budget.

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As funds are made available to improve our nation’s highways, roads & bridges, taking a systematic approach to infrastructure project management will make these investments more resilient. If you want to ensure that you're giving the most back to your local community, you need to partner with an experienced leader in the construction industry. We’d be honored to be that partner.

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