Rebuilding Our Nation’s Infrastructure at Scale

As an owner or sector leader, you’re aware that significant change and challenges lie ahead for infrastructure projects. Rebuilding our roads, transit systems and more is necessary to meet our current and future needs while supporting a sustainable environment.

The Biden administration’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, now labeled the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill (BIL), aims to fund major infrastructure projects from California to Maine, creating new jobs and opportunities for everyone who touches infrastructure in the United States.

With these infrastructure opportunities, however, comes a massive surge in capital funding—and with it, the need for construction owners to employ new technologies and solutions to handle the expected doubling or tripling of their capital improvement plan budgets.

e-Builder for infrastructure

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Whether you are a city engineer or an organization’s comptroller, you will find operational challenges as funding recipients are facing more scrutiny to deliver:

  • Efficiency and value for infrastructure-related work
  • Complete transparency in the stewardship of infrastructure funds
  • Proof of job creation, socioeconomic impact and sustainability success
  • Accountability for every infrastructure project task, dollar and outcome

Tackling infrastructure assets requires tracking allocation of funds, real-time project-status updates, cost controls, document management, and stringent data security. How you manage and execute your projects going forward will be quite different from how you’ve done them in the past.

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e-Builder Enterprise is designed for owners like you to manage the funding, tracking and reporting of your infrastructure investments. By choosing e-Builder Enterprise, the trusted software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for owners, you are joining organizations that have managed tens of thousands of projects valued at over $1 trillion.

Here are some of the sectors we serve:



Transit systems across the United States are deteriorating, and agencies running their services and structures often lack the funds to keep even existing systems functioning. For the past several decades, federal funding for transit has decreased by 40% -- and our nation’s infrastructure and economies have suffered as a result.

Government Projects use e-Builder

Local Government

Change is looming in city, county and state infrastructure, and officials can expect an infusion of funds along with a heightened expectation of accountability from residents, the federal government and more. Appointed and elected leaders, as well as their staff, need forward-thinking tools and processes to keep tabs on the increased volume and variety of projects that are coming in the next few years. Above all, they need the steady hand of an industry leader to guide them.

Bridges Roads

Highways, Roads and Bridges

With funding of $110 billion on the horizon, infrastructure owners will need digital technology and transparent processes to prepare for a massive influx of capital. Each highway, road or bridge construction project comes with multiple stakeholders, plus public input and expectations — all of which require the utmost visibility. This puts the onus on departments of transportation to update their technology now to get ready for what the future holds.


Water and Wastewater

There’s a tremendous opportunity to deliver water safely and efficiently to millions of Americans. New federal funding of $63 billion may help remedy dangerous and outdated water infrastructure, including replacing lead pipes that still reach 9.2 million homes in the U.S. For water/wastewater operators and municipalities of all sizes, the time is now to ensure that systems and processes are in place to manage these improvements.

Airport Projects use e-Builder

Airports, Ports and Harbors

The United States has been an innovator in aviation and freight. But it doesn’t always show in our nation’s airports, ports and harbors, many of which have large backlogs of deferred maintenance and scrapped expansion plans. With the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act calling for $25 billion to improve airports and $17 billion to rebuild our harbors and ports, big change may be on the horizon. It’s up to owners and operators to ensure that they have the right technology in place now to be ready for that change.

Power Grid

Public Utilities and Power

Citing the catastrophic Texas power outage in 2021 and more, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act has included $73 billion to build a more resilient grid, lower energy bills, improve air quality and create good jobs. Much of the nation’s power infrastructure dates to the 1930s, and many key components are long past their intended 50-year lifespan. Modernization initiatives will make demands of power operators throughout the country. All will need the right plans, processes and technologies to manage these massive power projects successfully.

Additional Infrastructure Funding Resources:

Definitive Guide to Digital Transformation for Owners of Capital Improvement Programs

The Definitive Guide to Digital Transformation for Owners of Capital Improvement Programs

Download our Definitive Guide to Digital Transformation for Owners of Capital Improvement Programs and learn why leveraging an advanced digital construction management solution like e-Builder Enterprise—which is designed for owners like you—will effectively aid in managing the funding, tracking and reporting of your infrastructure-related projects. Get your complimentary guide.

Testimonials and Case Studies

Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers have to say about e-Builder Enterprise.

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Pennsylvania Department of General Services Advances with an Eye Towards the Future

As a construction professional in local government, chances are you’re feeling the pressure of balancing your existing CIP with the infrastructure landscape of tomorrow. Learn from the Pennsylvania Department of General Services (PADGS) on how they drove change by incorporating a project management information system to overcome the same challenges many organizations still struggle with today.

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Illinois Tollway uses e-Builder
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Illinois State Toll Highway Authority: On Time and On Budget

Currently, the Illinois Tollway is working on “Move Illinois” a 15-year, $14 billion capital improvement program that will increase mobility, and reduce congestion and pollution, all while bringing about 120,000 jobs. In a project involving more than 1,200 firms and 500 construction and engineering contracts, e-Builder Enterprise is helping the team deliver on time and on budget.

pwsa logo

Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority Discusses $50M Capital Program

PWSA is using e-Builder to manage everything from RFIs to change orders to submittals for their $40-50M to increase accountability and payment statuses, among many other benefits.

Pittsburgh Water Sewer Authority case study

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