Tackling Infrastructure-related Projects for Your Community

The funding allocated by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill is designed to rebuild America’s infrastructure, expand access to clean drinking water, invest in aging communities, tackle climate change, and create sustainable, long-term jobs. The bill comes in at approximately $1.2 Trillion in federal funding, with $550 Billion being new funding above Congress’ scheduled investment in infrastructure.

Since the President officially signed the bill into law, the White House has released a 465-page guide that dives deep into the operational logistics of applying, receiving, and executing for the federal infrastructure funds. Tackling infrastructure-related projects requires stringent tracking of:

  • Allocation of Funds
  • Real-Time Project-Status Updates
  • Cost Controls
  • Document Management
  • Stringent Data Security

Needless to say, how you manage and execute your projects going forward will need to be quite different!

Rebuilding America's Infrastructure with e-Builder Enterprise

At our recent Infrastructure Virtual Summit for Owners, we hosted ten infrastructure-focused sessions led by experts with a passion to share their critical knowledge and insights related to infrastructure strategies and digital transformation for construction.

Now available on-demand, watch the sessions that apply to your infrastructure goals and gain key takeaways for navigating grants, managing increased projects due to infrastructure funding, understand segment specific challenges and solutions, and absorb real-world examples from public agencies who have undergone their own digital construction transformations.

e-Builder Enterprise has developed custom infrastructure packages to support the operational logistics needed to support America’s agencies, state partners, and tribal groups in rebuilding America. To learn more, check out our Infrastructure Packages.

Sessions On-Demand

A Trimble Vision


Cyndee Hoagland
Senior Vice President
Trimble's Owner & Public Sector

Session 1 [11 Minutes]
A Trimble Vision: Delivering the Promise

What is Trimble doing to help our customers build back better. In this opening session you will hear Trimble’s own, Cyndee Hoagland, discuss the impactful ways Trimble is leading customers to more efficient digital construction processes and workflows.

Navigating Grants


Rick Neiderstadt
Capital Program Support Manager
Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District

Chris Bell
Vice President Industry Strategy 
Trimble's Owner & Public Sector

Session 2 [48 Minutes]
Navigating Grants to Get the Funding You Need

With the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill (formerly the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act) now officially passed into law, agencies are beginning to submit applications in pursuit of the funding made available. With several different types of grants available and with varying timelines and milestones, it’s not hard to get lost in the details.

In this session, we cover the different types of funding available and what action agencies need to take to best position themselves for a successful bid. Additionally, we touch on specific priorities, steps, and action public agencies need to effectively navigate the grant application process.

Impact Panel


Hardeep Anand, P.E.
Director, One Water Strategy
Miami-Dade County

Christopher Haite
Senior PMIS Implementation Specialist

Session 3 [49 Minutes]
Impact Panel: Owners Responding to Increasing Project Demand

As owners navigate a massive surge in infrastructure stimulus, they face massive logistical challenges around labor, availability of materials, supply chain disruption, and traditional challenges that come with rapidly scaling a capital program.

In this panel, we discuss what we’re hearing from owners and how technology can help to overcome some of these challenges facing the industry today.

State of Digital Transformation


Trisha Stefanski
MnDOT Asset Management 
Minnesota Department of Transportation

Brian McInnis
Vice President
Trimble Public Sector

Ed Shappell
Trimble Consulting

Session 4 [45 Minutes]
State of Digital Transformation (EDC 6 and EDC 7)

As public agencies prepare for a drastic increase in funding & project load, leaders will need to take a fresh look at their existing processes and technologies in place to ensure scalability.

The reality is that construction, an industry historically reliant on paper-based processes, is quickly becoming ripe for digital workflow optimization. With the same internal personnel managing an increased project workload, it becomes essential to ensure that the proper technologies are in place to support your efforts.

How to Get Started


Tollie Justice
Program Director

Jamie Cooke
Senior Program Manager, Partner Services

Session 5 [40 Minutes]
How to Get Started - Demo and Discussion

Funding is beginning to flow from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) and other federal resources. Great news right? Except, more project funding means you need to deliver more projects with the same amount of resources.

In this session, back by popular demand, e-Builder Professional Services experts will:

  • Walk you through pre-configured packages and features to explore the benefits of an owner-centric solution.
  • Additionally, we will show you how to get projects setup and started quickly—so you can start executing on the much needed projects for your community.

Breakout Sessions On-Demand

Utilities Breakout Session


Peter Jauch
Director of Engineering
Las Vegas Valley Water District
& Southern Nevada Water Authority

Tim LaChapelle
Chief Digital Officer

Dinorah Sanchez
Product Manager

Breakout Session 1 [60 Minutes]
Utilities / Water & Wastewater

In this session, hear how industry leaders from Las Vegas Valley Water District & Southern Nevada Water Authority, Parsons, and Cityworks are leading the charge when it comes to managing the lifecycle for infrastructure-related projects.

Topics covered by this panel include:

  • Additional Federal Funding Options
  • Sustainability
  • Digital Twins
  • Data Centers of Excellence
  • Digital Transformation

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Infrastructure Blog: Funding for Water, Wastewater, and Utilities Projects

When it comes to U.S. water infrastructure, change is necessary. Whether it’s a treatment plant, pipeline updates, or a new underground sewer tunnel, citizens often groan at the thought of never-ending construction. Too often, that construction is deferred—as are updates to the strategies and technologies for managing it.

When Cityworks, a leading GIS-centric platform for public asset management and permitting, is integrated with e-Builder Enterprise, owners and building managers can effectively maintain and develop built resources. Learn more.

Roads and Bridges Breakout


Erik Blum
Project Controls Practice Leader

Trisha Stefanski
Statewide Asset Management 
Minnesota Department of Transportation

Linda Rolfes
Senior Technical Project Manager

Magdy Mikhail
Director, Transportation Industry Solutions

Laura Wagner-Bartz
Asset Management Solutions Manager

Breakout Session 2 [45 Minutes]
Roads & Bridges (Agile)

In this session, learn how industry experts from the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT), HNTB and AgileAssets are navigating uncharted territory as it relates to infrastructure funding.

Ensuring the equitable distribution of funds in the right areas to deliver resilient infrastructure is a top priority in this panel discussion.

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Case Study: Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Bridges Project

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill (BIL) includes $110 billion earmarked for modernizing bridges, highways, roads, and main streets most critically in need of repair. This may greenlight many dormant DOT projects. But it means that DOTs must quickly and effectively prioritize and manage the many concurrent projects these funds will bring to life.

e-Builder Enterprise can help, learn more.

Local Government


Rick Neiderstadt
Capital Program Support Manager
Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District

Jeff Pesler
Program Director

Breakout Session 3 [45 Minutes]
Local Government

In this session, decision makers from the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) and Woolpert discuss how they're approaching infrastructure funding, labor and socioeconomic impact and of course, increased project volume.

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According to a McKinsey Global Institute report on U.S. infrastructure, infrastructure-related projects could translate into a 1.2% growth in employment; as such, local governments need to scale their organizations now to meet the significant increase in capital improvement program budgets. 

More than 500 organizations worldwide have used e-Builder Enterprise to manage more than $1 trillion in capital projects. Learn more.



Glenn Green
Executive Director,
North East Texas Regional Mobility Authority

Andrew Liu
Sr. Vice President

Breakout Session 4 [44 Minutes]

In this session, leaders at AECOM and North East Texas Regional Mobility Authority (NET RMA) review current transit challenges as they relate to the state of the construction industry and infrastructure-related projects for local communities.

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Customer Video [4 minutes] True Project Control for $1.62B Light Rail at Charlotte Area Transit System

The Biden Infrastructure Bill (BIL) authorizes up to $108 billion worth of capital improvements to transit, from tackling Amtrak’s repair backlog to building and rebuilding multimodal transit hubs nationwide. For more information geared towards infrastructure, visit our Transit page.

Lead Service


Kareem Adeem
Director Department
Newark Water and Sewer Utilities

Amrou Atassi
Senior Project Manager
CDM Smith

Brian Farrelly
Construction Management Technical Delivery Manager
CDM Smith

Breakout Session 5 [47 Minutes]
Lead Service

In this session, experts from Newark Water and Sewer Utilities and CDM Smith discuss funding sources for lead service replacement, compliance requirements and community engagement challenges.

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Blog: Infrastructure Summit for Owners – Strategizing Funding for Lead Service Line Replacement

Video: Lead Service Line Replacement with e-Builder and Cityworks Integration

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill (BIL) includes $15 billion for lead service replacement. It’s a challenge for water and wastewater organizations to keep up, to say nothing of providing clean drinking water to each U.S. inhabitant.

e-Builder Enterprise can help, learn more.

Additional Resources

The Case for Digitally Transforming Your Organization

As owner organizations, design firms and construction companies are considering their options—how to digitize their operations, design collaboration and break down data silos to give everyone access to the information they need, driving improved efficiency and better project outcomes.

Definitive Guide to Digital Transformation for Owners of Capital Improvement Programs

The Definitive Guide to Digital Transformation for Owners of Capital Improvement Programs

Download our Definitive Guide to Digital Transformation for Owners of Capital Improvement Programs and learn why leveraging an advanced digital construction management solution like e-Builder Enterprise—which is designed for owners like you—will effectively aid in managing the funding, tracking and reporting of your infrastructure-related projects. Get your complimentary guide.

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