e-Builder Enterprise Right of Way Management Software for ROW Management and Parcel Acquisition Teams

Government agencies and municipalities know that right-of-way (ROW) management and obtaining temporary and/or long-term access to property for project development can be a very tedious, time-consuming, and legally intensive process. Whether building a new road, extending cable lines to a new development, improving utility access, or expanding light rail infrastructure, having a robust ROW project management solution in place to navigate this process is paramount.

Right of Way Project Planning Functionality

A fit-for-purpose project management solution can be the critical difference between on time project delivery and substantial project delays.

e-Builder Enterprise includes proven Right of Way functionality that helps local municipalities and cities manage the right-of-way and parcel (and sub-parcel) acquisition process. Governments use e-Builder’s flexible and configurable workflows to manage the activities - and the required timelines - for obtaining the correct permits and easements.


Right of Way Management Software Features

Avoid lengthy back and forth processes, ensure proper organization of project
documents, and send just-in-time alerts to the right stakeholders.

The e-Builder right-of-way management solution is designed to give your organization a higher rate of on-time project delivery, more effective cost management, and a substantially smoother process.

Eliminate your organization's need for paper documents with digital templates to create and manage leases, easements, and other ROW documents to streamline the ROW process. Take advantage of an all-in-one project management solution with automated workflow and approval processes, reporting on environmental compliance, automatic property owner compensation payments, scheduling, and forecasting.

Benefits of e-Builder’s Right of Way include...

Eliminate Paper

All supporting documentation is electronically attached to reviews and approvals and automatically uploaded to the central document repository for easy retrieval.

Easily Identify Bottlenecks & Resolve

When reviews and approvals are electronically defined and automated, it becomes very clear where process improvements can be made.

Streamline Approval Processes & Reduce Review Cycle Times

The defined processes and workflows are standardized and repeatable, eliminating unnecessary hold-ups.

Automate Payments

And other correspondence with property owners.

Centralize Data for Instant Access

Nothing gets lost and there’s no more chasing paper from desk to desk. Every activity from every participant is logged with a date and time stamp to produce a digital breadcrumb trail.

Seamless Integration with Esri GIS

Share GIS data, including spatial data and maps, with stakeholders directly in e-Builder Enterprise for easy access to authoritative data to make timely approvals and decisions.

Track Schedules

And predict relevant impacts on the project status.

Consolidate the Appraisal Process

When working with your in-house or external appraisers

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