Purpose-Built File Management for Capital Construction Projects

e-Builder’s construction document management system is role-based—encouraging accountability and transparency at all levels of project contribution.

With advanced tracking and collaborative features stored in a digital environment, owners are able to reduce their risk by involving the entire project team in the document approval and management process.

  • Always have the most recent, up to date version of documents
  • Intuitive and strategic project document storage with viewable folder structure
  • Automatic drawing revision control
  • Permissions that allow the right stakeholders access to the appropriate documents
  • Redline drawings directly within e-Builder’s document management system

Accessible by the Right People, Anywhere

Digitally store and organize all your documents, drawings, and contracts in the cloud. By providing appropriate permissions to stakeholders or contractors, documents are easily accessible in the office or from the field.

Easily Track Historical Changes

As an owner, it is prudent to understand historical changes, whether or not that change was implemented on the jobsite, and documented appropriately. Automatically track these changes to know who changed what, and when. Use this document management system to track it all, from anywhere.

Always Have the Latest Revision

The guesswork is removed and the latest version of drawings, redlines, or documents is always readily available.

Attach Related Documents

Often, a document or drawing takes more explanation than what is included in the form. Link or attach relevant information to support your decision.

Construction Document Management

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Definitive Guide to Digital Transformation for Owners of Capital Improvement Programs

The Definitive Guide to Digital Transformation for Owners of Capital Improvement Programs

Download our Definitive Guide to Digital Transformation for Owners of Capital Improvement Programs and learn why leveraging an advanced digital construction management solution like e-Builder Enterprise—which is designed for owners like you—will effectively aid in managing the funding, tracking and reporting of your infrastructure-related projects. Get your complimentary guide.