The Benefit of Integrations (via AppXchange)

Thursday, June 23, 2022

When managing complex multi-million dollar, multi-phased capital programs, organizations look to technology to improve access to accurate and up-to-date project cost management information. Traditionally these projects have been managed using spreadsheets and multiple systems, leaving project managers burdened with multiple data entries resulting in difficult records management, reconciliation and financial tracking—and uncertainty regarding the accuracy of information.

Standardization on e-Builder Enterprise as a Project Management Information System (PMIS), with AppXchange, establishes more efficient process and reporting capabilities, reducing risk, improving productivity, reducing costs while realizing greater cost visibility, and data accessibility.

Representing a collection of data exchange tools, Application Programming Interfaces (API), and pre-built integrations, e-Builder AppXchange allows e-Builder Enterprise to connect to, and share data with, the broad ecosystem of software solutions used in the owner’s organization. This allows for efficient collaboration between all project data participants, breaking down information silos, and ensuring all stakeholders have accurate and up-to-date information where and when they need it.


Reduce Risk in Capital Projects

Without fail, owners of capital projects come to us with concerns regarding errors from manual input, oftentimes double or even triple-entering data into various systems and programs. Owners desire an increase in a feedback loop of communication without increased manual data entry—for example between financials and construction, to aid in reducing project risk. When integrating e-Builder with AppXchange, you’ll be able to streamline your processes and minimize risk by eliminating the need for multiple data entry points.

Minimize risk by eliminating manual data re-input errors and miscommunication, plus reducing rework from incorrect / out-of-date information.

Faster Approvals Across Sites

With 25 years of experience working with owners of Capital Improvement Projects (CIP), e-Builder with AppXchange consistently gives owners a productivity advantage. By eliminating your old method of manual reporting and tracking systems, you uncover benefits such as reducing approval times, enabling electronic signatures, saving hours by eliminating duplicate data entry, speeding up payment processes, and taking advantage of hundreds of standard reports, or creating custom reports.

Customer Success

John Muir Health’s Integration with DocuSign

  • Reduced approval times from 16 days to 2 days
  • Set record change order approval time; 3 different companies in separate locations in 35 minutes
  • DocuSign enabled electronic signatures on documents and processes in e-Builder Enterprise

e-Builder Integration with Lawson

  • Application for payment processing was reduced by 20 days - from 29 days to 9 days.
  • Invoice processing was reduced to less than 3 days.

Have the Details, Even in the Field

Project management doesn’t exist in a vacuum in the office. Answers are needed on the jobsite and from the field, quickly, to keep the data (and capital) flowing to the right stakeholders and contractors. By integrating e-Builder with AppXchange, project managers and stakeholders can connect financials to construction, accessing projects and maps to the tool of choice, without compromising use of the data reporting systems they know best. They can consolidate all project documents in the cloud, to be accessed from the office or from the field and from any device. Document control uses tight controls to ensure that the people who are supposed to have access to the documents or plans, do, and the version history is also managed to ensure you’re always working from the latest document.

Customer Success

City of Arlington’s Integration with ArcGIS

  • Project Managers and Stakeholders access projects and maps to the tool of choice
  • Project geographic information automatically updated in e-Builder Enterprise from GIS

Expect to Save Money

No matter your industry, as a CIP owner, you want to ensure your capital is spent effectively. Financial waste is not an option, and it is critical to have the ability of accurate capital project forecasting. Integrating e-Builder and AppXchange as your PMIS allows you to forecast accurately, while keeping track of exactly what you need to track, and when.

Customer Success

e-Builder Integration with Lawson

  • Identified ~$700,000 of savings on a new hospital tower expansion that was re-allocated to another project
  • Utilized the bidding module to bid subcontractors saved ~$200,000 on printing costs alone
  • Audit activity support is minimal, freeing up close to one full-time resource per year

Integration Considerations

Today’s capital construction owners have an advantage when they lean into new technology, keeping pace with competitors who have already deployed these new capabilities. Consider the challenges you currently face, and what inefficiencies exist due to outdated programs and data. Start a conversation with our team today so we can guide you into your e-Builder with AppXchange integration.

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