Benefits of Managed Services

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Managed Services for Business Growth

As an owner of a Capital Improvement Project (CIP), you might have come across e-Builder as a digital construction management solution to support your growing team and your capital project planning. Integrating e-Builder into your organization, switching from paper-based or independent systems into a single system, is a decision that requires intricate planning and dedicated personnel. You are also acutely aware of the challenges associated with training employees on new software and tools, and project budgets and timelines require making adoption and integration of e-Builder as smooth as possible.

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With e-Builder’s Managed Services, you can put our expertise to work for you by taking full advantage of e-Builder Enterprise’s more than 25 years of experience with software integration and construction industry best practices. Including a full-time or part-time dedicated Managed Services team member as part of your e-Builder adoption and integration plan provides extensive benefits to your project, organization, and employees.

e-Builder Managed Services

Dedicated Team Member

One of the most significant benefits of e-Builder’s Managed Services is accessibility to dedicated seasoned expert who understand the construction industry and your business goals. Your Managed Services team member has the knowledge, training, and background to create a seamless experience during e-Builder integration and adoption. There is no need to rely on one trained employee's part time effort from within your organization.

e-Builder Managed Services provides a dedicated person to perform e-Builder related functions, reducing the risk associated with an employee leaving, or being out sick. Your organization will have a readily-available resource that is knowledgeable of how other e-Builder Enterprise clients and the industry utilize the solution to save time and money on their CIPs.

e-Builder Managed Services Rep

With e-Builder’s Managed Services, an e-Builder employee will have frontline knowledge of the problems facing your organization and will possess the necessary relationships with the e-Builder development team to proactively resolve any issues as you integrate your new systems, and make recommendations for system governance and improvement of existing modules or processes. The Managed Services team member can also conduct system analysis and identify opportunities for system and process improvements, leveraging their knowledge of real-time e-Builder updates and industry best-practices.

Gain Faster Buy-In From Your Team

When you hire a dedicated Managed Services member from e-Builder, you not only get assistance with e-Builder integration and training, but overall, faster buy-in from your team. An organization gains efficient and knowledgeable e-Builder support while adopting and integrating the new software and processes—without having to rely on fast-tracked internal team member training or the availability of a single team member within an organization.

When questions can be answered quickly and accurately, your team is able to solve problems proficiently, and the benefits of your digital construction management solution are realized faster by keeping your projects on-time and on-budget. Additionally, the Managed Services member is able to provide integration technical documentation and instruction to allow for training and expansion of your team in regards to e-Builder.

“There is always risk if there’s not 100% buy-in by the leadership team - problems need to be fixed quickly when integrating a new system. They’re not seeing the value for their money, so when they have someone like a managed services position, the adoption for the new system goes quickly.”

- Crystal-Rose Rogers, CLT e-Builder Manager, Charlotte Airport

Promotes Scalability in Your Business

As your business needs grow, so do your processes. Having access to a Managed Services team member once your processes go live is a valuable resource that enables easy expansion and continuous process improvements, promoting scalability within your business and organization as your business needs change.

Your Managed Services team member is available to introduce your organization to new e-Builder enhancements and features, make recommendations for usage, and can maximize e-Builder’s built-in and customized tools to leverage processes within your organization. Training new staff members on e-Builder workflows becomes a non-issue, as your Managed Services member is able to create or use existing training videos and documents for staff, customizing it as needed based on your business and process needs.

 “You just can’t put a price tag on that kind of service.”

- Melissa Pullen, Financial Specialist, WakeMed Health and Hospitals


e-Builder’s Managed Services exists to make your transition to e-Builder Enterprise efficient and practical. In the experience of Melissa Pullen of WakeMed, she recalls of hiring a Managed Services team member, “You just can’t put a price tag on that kind of service.”