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Thursday, June 2, 2022

Deliver Actionable Insight with e-Builder Enterprise Data Warehouse

Behind great construction industry executive leadership and capital project owners, are great tools to aid in their decision making processes. The fast pace of the construction industry today, along with ongoing issues from supply chain shortages, require informed decisions with data sourced from various locations - typically isolated in accounting, leasing, performance, management, and construction applications.

By enabling e-Builder Enterprise Data Warehouse, a companion product to e-Builder, data across various data management systems, such as Viewpoint ERP can be compiled into one platform to produce customized reports, giving unique insight into organizational needs.

Essentially, this tool joins multiple data sources outside of e-Builder from various project management systems into a secure data warehouse. The Data Warehouse environment then consolidates the external data with e-Builder data, and combines the data sets with a modeling tool, such as Tableau to provide analytics and reporting of management’s desired factors.

Construction Data in the field

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Benefits include:

Visualize Capital Improvement Data

Through your own Business Intelligence software modeling tool, create graphically rich dashboards that provide insight into project and portfolio performance.

Build Confidence and Trust Among Stakeholders

Sharing Capital Improvement initiatives with visual tools augments storytelling, drives alignment, and overall commitment to initiatives. Fueled by reliable project data, you have the confidence to make informed decisions.

Work ‘With Your data,’ not ‘On the Data’

You don’t have time to sort through data captured in databases, spreadsheets and siloed systems; you need tools to help you analyze overall program health.

Construction Data Review

Employ Top Business Intelligence Tools

If you are using one or a combination of the top 3rd Party Business Intelligence tools on the market today, you should already be enabled to connect to the e-Builder Enterprise Data Warehouse, consume information, and publish reports to stakeholders.

Deliver Actionable Insight

You can still publish standard, transactional reports and dashboards using the e-Builder Enterprise embedded reports and tools. Data Warehouse helps you take your analysis further by challenging your team to solve pressing issues using their curiosity. For example, you can create actionable insight by focusing on where and how Capital Programs struggle to achieve goals and/or drive economic value for owners, constituents, and communities.

Get Ahead of the Competition

Many capital improvement organizations are not yet fully staffed in this specialty area, so they rely on insourced and outsourced expertise – contractors and partners – to build capabilities and support leadership needs.

Gain a level of confidence on exactly where projects are and how they’re going to end up, and develop the detailed forecast needed to propel your business ahead with e-Builder Enterprise Data Warehouse. To learn more, contact your account representative.

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