Maintaining Project Vision, from Start to Finish

e-Builder’s integrated project scheduling software was thoughtfully designed for owners and construction managers of large capital projects.

With this scheduling software for construction, you can take a uniform, integrated approach with capabilities that encompass visibility, reporting, and collaboration of high-level milestones.

  • Always have access to the latest schedule revision
  • Manage milestones of complex projects with a summary view for owners or project managers
  • Real-time forecasts and insight to monitor project performance and dependencies
  • Access your project schedules from the office or from the field

Scheduling Integration Software with e-Builder

Linking your project schedule and budget is a smart move as an owner—when these are no longer data siloed but are continually refreshed with the latest information, you can maintain accurate estimates for cost-to-completion and cash flow.

Cloud-Based Design for Schedule Mobility

A cloud-based construction project management system design supports the user experience from the field or from the office, and provides various levels of access settings to be set for each user.

Report Performance and Progress

Using customized or standard reports, track the construction project performance and progress of the variables important to you as an owner. Tracking project performance keeps you informed if a project is starting to fall behind.

Automate Manual Tasks

Instead of manually entering information from the financial software into the schedule, and vice versa, e-Builder’s scheduling software can automate manual tasks, reducing risk by decreasing the amount of time it takes to get answers to pressing schedule concerns.

Know the Details of Critical-Path Tasks

Drill down into the details of any task and get insight into potential scheduling problems, ahead of time.

Construction Scheduling

Read how Owners can Gain Visibility and Control Over Construction Schedules

Your organization’s capital projects are continually being delivered months or even more than a year behind schedule. Your construction director, who manages a team of project managers, provides monthly progress reports on the status of every project in your portfolio, including a cash flow analysis of projected spend on each one. Learn how you can increase schedule visibility with a system specifically designed for the management of large-scale construction projects, across all phases and activities.

Definitive Guide to Digital Transformation for Owners of Capital Improvement Programs

The Definitive Guide to Digital Transformation for Owners of Capital Improvement Programs

Download our Definitive Guide to Digital Transformation for Owners of Capital Improvement Programs and learn why leveraging an advanced digital construction management solution like e-Builder Enterprise—which is designed for owners like you—will effectively aid in managing the funding, tracking and reporting of your infrastructure-related projects. Get your complimentary guide.