Back to Basics is a 6-part series that explores the basics of modernizing your capital improvement construction program. Over the course of this series, we'll cover topics like how organizations can modernize document control, proactively forecast, manage funding from multiple sources, improve process workflows, and get timely project reports.

The goal is to show capital program owners what's achievable by addressing the basics!

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Alex Ferraro
Sr. Business Analyst

EP1 | Back to Basics: Modernizing Project Documentation [30 mins]

In this session of our Back to Basics series, learn how successful capital construction owners modernized their document management to tame the chaos of document control.

Proper construction document management with a project management information system (PMIS) eliminates lost documents, version confusion, access issues, and wasted time.

Bottom line, we get back to basics and share how to modernize your construction document management processes.

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Kip Edwards
Principal Healthcare Consultant
Luster National

Bill Smith
Project Executive
Banner Health

EP2 | Back to Basics: Funding Forecasting: Be Proactive, Not Reactive [54 mins]

This session is great for project managers and finance managers alike!

Kip Edwards of Luster National and Bill Smith of Banner Health discuss how to get better forecasting for construction project costs.

  • You will learn how to track commitments, anticipate and respond to what is coming, and avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Explore the importance of forecasts, both project forecasts and program forecasts, so that you can predict upcoming work, or risks to show a full picture of the final cost outcome.

Lastly, Banner Health will show you what successful forecasting looks like for them.

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Tollie Justice
Program Director

EP3 | Back to Basics: Managing Multiple Funding Sources for Public Projects [24 mins]

In this session, learn how to best manage multiple project funding sources from state and local to bonds and grants.

Using cutting-edge, integrated tools to quickly and accurately set up, use, track, and report funding sources is imperative for owners.

We’ll show you how!

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Matt Brown
Business Analyst

EP4 | Back to Basics: Break the Bottleneck in Your Communication Processes [30 mins]

In this Back to Basics session, we explore the challenges of project management communication and processes. From paper-pushing to endless spreadsheets, when it comes to project management, bottlenecks in processes can cost you a lot of time and worst a lot of money.

Learn how to break through bottlenecks and gain approval process efficiency, reduce change order holdups and process invoices faster to have your projects running smoothly.

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Craig McLemore
Managed Services

EP5 | Back to Basics: Project Reporting Like a Boss for Your Boss [22 mins]

Reporting with construction management spreadsheets is often inadequate and poses many challenges and risks to project executives and stakeholders.

Owners and stakeholders require accurate, timely, and relevant information to make good decisions and deliver projects on time and within budget.

In this session, we identify the common pitfalls in construction project reporting and provide guidelines for developing periodic, consistent, useful reports to upper management.

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Matt Bohan
Director of Account Management

Marty Moran
Partner Sales Executive

EP6 | Back to Basics: Get an Extra Pair of Hands with Digital Staff Augmentation [28 mins]

When your project funding and the number of projects increases, will you be ready to handle the workload with the same staff you already have? Many organizations will face this issue in the coming months but you don't have to be caught off guard. You can prepare your organization now.

In this session, we will explore how you can do more with less by utilizing technology that can help you augment your staffing shortages and still deliver you growing projects on time and on budget.

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e-Builder Managed Services for Construction - Take full advantage of e-Builder Enterprise by augmenting staff with a full-time or part-time dedicated resource to act as an extension of your team.

Add an e-Builder expert to your team, learn more.

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The Definitive Guide to Digital Transformation for Owners of Capital Improvement Programs

Download our Definitive Guide to Digital Transformation for Owners of Capital Improvement Programs and learn why leveraging an advanced digital construction management solution like e-Builder Enterprise—which is designed for owners like you—will effectively aid in managing the funding, tracking and reporting of your infrastructure-related projects. Get your complimentary guide.

Connected Construction: The Owners’ Perspective SmartMarket Brief

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We invite you to engage us in a conversation to begin your digital transformation journey. Based on our 25-plus years of expertise, we can assess what digital workflows will make the biggest impact for your organization—combined with our strategic advice on how to develop your transformation concept, we can bring value to your organization within the first 30 days of engagement.

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