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Sergio Aranda
Sergio Aranda
Account Executive

Marketing and Business Development professional with 15+ years of experience in the B2B Software and Services industries in sales, marketing and communications roles, connecting clients with solutions that provide measurable and tangible improvements to help them meet strategic goals. A believer in the power of integrity, perseverance, and open communications.

Currently working at e-Builder, an organization whose brand represents a culture of passionate and driven professionals making the world a better place. Enjoy connecting with professionals willing to share their expertise – business, industry, or technology. Actively involved in like-minded organizations, including the Construction Owners Association of America and the Construction Management Association of America.

During my private time I enjoy running, obstacle races – Tough Mudder 2013 and Spartan Race Super Spartan 2014, 2015 finisher – and performing with my band which entertained the crowd at the 2009 Pro Bowl and Super Bowl tailgate parties in Miami FL.