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Higher Education

Standardize Capital Project Processes

Facilities and operations groups at top universities and colleges use e-Builder construction program management to manage funding sources and bond program budgets and to improve capital project delivery. By implementing e-Builder construction program software, universities enable process consistency through automated workflows while standardizing and enforcing capital project planning policies and procedures. On-demand performance dashboards put information at their fingertips. With improved visibility and contingency management, facility managers develop accurate forecasts and avoid costly surprises during design and construction.

e-Builder Enterprise has provided Northeastern University with the ability to identify potential cost savings earlier in the project lifecycle. With this greater visibility into project costs, the University was able to return $9.8 million into its capital program to invest in new and existing facilities, further advancing its academic mission.

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"Everybody has all of the information at their fingertips at any given time and we all need to be seeing the same information to promote accountability."

Cassandra McKenzie

Featured White Paper

Metrics Matter: An Executive's Guide to KPI Success

November 18, 2013

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are determined at the beginning of a project to provide a measure into whether key objectives are met both during project execution and upon completion.

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Southern Methodist
University Testimonial

Philip Jabour with Southern Methodist University discusses how e-Builder is helping track costs for the university system's entire capital program.

BIM: An Intro for Owners

Download this white paper to learn valuable insights and risks to consider, including the role of a PMIS to enable BIM coordination, as you begin to implement BIM as part of your project delivery strategy.

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